About that page called “Home”

Every website on the Internet has a “homepage”. It is the page that visitors to the site land on when they type in the address. In the background, the website itself searches for a page called “home” or “index”. Google chooses to call their page “home”, as it should cue the thought of “homepage” when one sees it in the list of pages. 

The page called “home” is necessary for optimal functioning of your website, so you do not want to delete it, nor do you want to rename it to something else. To function successfully, a website requires a page called “home” or “index”.

For those seeking a bit of nerd trivia, the industry standard is to name the page index. Having a page called “home” was completely good 15 or more years ago, and as internet standards have evolved, “index” is the preferred term. Google chooses to leave their landing page (root page) as home, and they take care of any additional coding needed to have a site function seamlessly with the page named as “home”.