Differentiate Assignments Discreetly using Classroom

Differentiation. That task we all do, whilst trying to maintain that precarious balance between the work being realistic for the modified student, and preserving their dignity in the process. At times, it can be overwhelming to try to strike that balance. 

Google Classroom can help. 

All you need is the two different versions of your assignment. The differing versions can exist either in your head to be typed out separately, or as two different documents to be attached.

To provide students with different assignments, you will go to the Classwork area of your Google Classroom. You will create a new assignment/material/quiz etc. 

Once you’ve entered the instructions and/or attached the files, you will click at the top of the dialog box where it says “All students”. You will select the students this particular assignment applies to. You’ll fill in the other details as you normally would and you will click “Assign”.

Now, you will repeat the process with your modified assignment. Give it the same title, and as best you can, make it look like the original assignment. 

Students won’t realize they are not working on identical assignments. The original assignment will not be presented to your modified/IPP students and your modified assignment will not be visible to your other students.