Other Advantages to Using Google Classroom

Beyond the obious many advantages we have already covered (only one communication newsletter that goes home to parents that includes content from all teachers their child has {this REALLY saves parents a lot of confusion}, easy differentiation, easy reuse of last year’s content etc.), Google Classroom has a few more perks.

As with all Google Products, it plays nicely with others. There are many educational apps out there now that allow you to post to your Google Classroom without having to open Classroom it’s a one-button share!

Kasey Bell (Shakeup Learning) compiled an excellent list earlier this year of 60+ apps that integrate with Google Classroom. If you don’t follow Kasey Bell or utillize her resources, I highly recommend taking a look around her website while you are looking at the list of 60+ apps! Her ideas for using Google in the classroom are second to none!