In Chinook’s Edge School Division, schools have their choice of four protocols through which to establish the literacy level of students. The choices are Jerry Johns, Fountas & Pinnell, PM Benchmarks, or Burns & Roe.

In order for the data from these tests to be accurate, (and therefore the measures of growth in student learning) it is important that the tests are administered correctly by the classroom teacher. This ensures that if the student should move from one school to another that the test results are valid regardless of setting. It also ensures that the data generated as an entire school district is valid and meaningful.

  • Level A  provides a snapshot in time
  • Level A Assessment is done by the classroom teacher.

To assist CESD teachers with administering these tests, we have compiled a series of modules to efficiently support teachers to administer these tests in alignment with CESD standards, yet with minimal stress.  If you aren’t sure which of the three tests your school chooses to use, your Administrator or Learning Support Teacher will know… just ask!

We are endeavouring to provide the information and content to teachers in a variety of formats to best meet your learning needs, including video clips and written support documents to allow you the best opportunity to acquire the needed data on your students with minimal stress to you!