Within the settings of your form you have more choices that you may wish to be aware of.

If your test/quiz is a lengthy one that has been divided into sections, enabling the progress bar is a good idea. We’ve all seen students receive a paper test and give it a good inspection to see how long the test is. Having a progress bar allows students to have a similar frame of reference, and will alleviate an amount of anxiety for those whose anxiety tends to spike during tests.

Shuffle question order is a great plan when you are delivering the test or quiz in a face-to-face environment as it does a lot to eliminate cheating between students. This alone may be the biggest reason to use Forms for quizzes in the traditional classroom.

You can also add the message that students see when they reach the end of your test or quiz. This is an opportunity to show your teacher personality or sense of humour. Or it’s just a good space to let students know they have reached the end and have submitted it correctly.

As you see in the image above, this third panel of the dialogue box is where we can toggle this to be a quiz. An action we undertook in an earlier module. 

This is also where you can turn on locked mode for the quiz (we also saw that option inside of Google Classroom, so you have more than one opportunity in the quiz process to remember to do that).

Finally, you can decide how and when students receive their grade for the quiz. They can see after each question if they were correct or incorrect (know your learners, this may be positive for some and anxiety-proking for others.)