What is the MIPI?

  • The Math Intervention/Programming Instrument, or MIPI for short, is a tool developed by Edmonton Public to help teachers know where each student is in their math knowledge relative to outcomes in the Math program of studies.
  • The MIPI is a multiple choice and numerical response tool (mapped to CESD essential outcomes) available for grades 2-10.
    • Contains low complexity questions
    • Focuses on procedures and skills
    • Current curriculum

In September, students complete a short online assessment on math concepts they learned in the previous school year. For example, a Grade 6 student completes the Grade 6 MIPI at the beginning of the year. The questions are based on what they learned in Grade 5. The results do not count toward a student’s grade and are not intended to be used for reporting purposes.

What are we Hoping to Achieve with the MIPI?

  • Provide us with level A mathematics data to complement our level A literacy (reading) data to support our instructional practices, and student interventions.
  • The MIPI: 
    • Provides data by student, by outcome to identify student need in the area of mathematics.
    • Becomes a key source of data for our CRM/RTI meetings.
    • Assists teachers, teams, schools and communities in the adjustment of planning and instruction to better meet student need.

What is the Timeline for MIPI Data Collection?

Please ensure that all students in grades 2-10 have completed the MIPI assessment by September 30th.

How Will the MIPI Data Be Used?

  • Classroom:  Teachers will analyze students’ results and adjust programming and instruction accordingly.
  • School: Teams of teachers in grade teams or across grades to meet (e.g. during CRM meetings) to identify themes, patterns or trends relative to students’ strengths, areas of challenge and adjust team instructional practices accordingly.
  • Division: Data will be used to guide and determine priorities of our PLCs, support schools and or communities to develop plans to support Mathematics programming and instruction.

What Support Will be Provided for MIPI Implementation?

  • PLC’s will assist in the analysis of collected data to support instruction and student interventions
  • The HUB will contain supports/modules for:
    • MIPI administration
    • Best practices for administering the assessment 
    • How to analyze and use the MIPI data
  • The Learning Services team can support individuals and teams of teachers to implement the MIPI in their classrooms.

How Can I Get Support with the MIPI?

Sandi Berg – Learning Services Coordinator – 

Jason Drent – Division Principal – 

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