Stream vs. Classwork – What’s the Difference?

In years past, it was a little more difficult to ascertain the difference between the two areas of your Google Classroom.

The stream is a chronological timeline of announcements and other bits of information that you’ve communicated to your class. Depending on the nature/purpose of your Google Classroom (some homeroom teachers open a Classroom space for their homeroom to have a simple mechanism for deploying announcements to students and families) it may be the only piece of Google Classrom that you use. 


Classwork can be organized by topics, and you, the teacher, can change the order of the content on the Classwork page just by dragging items above or below other items. Classwork tends to be best managed by topics. These may be unit names, month names, or any other logical way that you divide your instruction in class.

It is completely up to you how you set it up – and if down the road you change your mind for a particular class – – you can change it!!!