…by “your other life”, I mean your personal life.

My son, being a ten year old Canadian boy has decided he wants to curl this winter. So, last week, I contacted the Didsbury Curling Club to inquire as to how to register him. They, of course, sent me a .pdf to fill out and send back. I was about to click print on it, go fight with my home printer for 20-25 minutes, fill it out with my neatest hand-scrawl, scan it and email it back. I had my mouse button hovering over the print button when it occurred to me to try typing in Kami instead.

I already had the .pdf file opened in Google Drive, so I clicked “Open with Kami” (I believe the dropdown reads “Annotate with Kami”) and I chose the [T] icon from the left side of my screen and I clicked on the .pdf and began to type.

First I typed his name.

Then I started a second new textbox – I typed our address…

And so it went until the form was filled. Then I saved the form with annotations and emailed it back. It took about two minutes to do, it wasted no paper – AND… I got to skip fighting with a printer to boot!!