MIPI Information and/or resources

  • Interested in learning more about the MIPI+ click this link.
  • All documents needed for administering the MIPI can be found within this folder.
  • Please discuss with your administrator if you are interested in using this assessment tool in your classroom.

Print off a PDF version of the assessment for your students

  • Choose the version of the MIPI you would like to use in your classroom. ex. Grade 6 students write the Grade 6 MIPI. All printable PDF’s can be found in the following linked folders. (English or French)

Assess Your Students – Best Practice Recommendations

  • Our recommended assessment time is the first 6-8 weeks of the school year.  This allows opportunities for teachers to adjust plans to meet the differentiated needs of their class or students.
  • Students typically complete the full assessment between 45 – 60 minutes.
  • The assessments are designed to be used without a calculator.
  • Teachers are encouraged to follow their own classroom assessment practices and routines.  
  • Students may use manipulatives.
  • Students may write their work on the printed version of the exam.
  • We recommend that students complete the paper assessment first, then input their results into the Google form (please see next step).

Students enter their assessment data into a Google Form

  • Students should enter their assessment answers into the Google form. Have students enter the appropriate rebrand.ly/ link into their Chrome browser address bar (write the link on the board)
  • Students will be required to enter their email address (CESD Google login), their school, and class code.  Class codes are determined at the school level.  If you have 1 class per grade use class code A. If you have more than one class per grade, please assign a different letter to each participating class. (i.e If you have 4 – Grade 8 classrooms, assign A, B, C, or D to the class). 

English Forms

Grade 2: rebrand.ly/mipi2

Grade 5: rebrand.ly/mipi5

Grade 8: rebrand.ly/mipi8

Grade 3: rebrand.ly/mipi3

Grade 6: rebrand.ly/mipi6

Grade 9: rebrand.ly/mipi9

Grade 4: rebrand.ly/mipi4

Grade 7: rebrand.ly/mipi7

Grade 10: rebrand.ly/mipi10


French Forms

Grade 2: rebrand.ly/mipifi2

Grade 5: rebrand.ly/mipifi5

Grade 8: rebrand.ly/mipifi8

Grade 3: rebrand.ly/mipifi3

Grade 6: rebrand.ly/mipifi6

Grade 4: rebrand.ly/mipifi4

Grade 7: rebrand.ly/mipifi7

Connect with Learning Services to gain access to the data

Once all students have completed the Google forms please email either Sandi Berg or Jason Drent and we will provide access to your individual class or school data.


  • If you need support on anything related to MIPI implementation, analysis, or would like more information on the MIPI+, feel free to connect with Learning Services

Sandi Berg – Learning Services Coordinator – sberg@cesd73.ca  

Jason Drent – Division Principal – jdrent@cesd73.ca 

A printable version of this Step-by-step guide is available here.