At the end of the school year, (or, the day before you return in the fall, it’s your choice!) you will want to archive your classrooms so that in the fall, they are not causing confusion for yourself. From the archived classrooms, you can retrieve and reuse (with only one or two clicks) your classroom assignments from years past.

Before you archive, you need to go into the “People” tab, and you need to remove all students from your class. This is done as a favour to your students, so that in the fall, they can also start with a clean slate. It’s pretty easy for kids to end up with a cluttered Google Classroom if teachers don’t remove the students at the time of archiving.

In the above image, you can see that from the Google Classroom landing page where you see all your classes, clicking on the kebab menu provides you with some choices you likely were not previously aware of.

As you proceed through the years to come, you will be so grateful to your past self for having used Google Classroom because it keeps all your content exactly as you planned it and posted it for your students in years past. You select the post you wish to use, adjust it to meet your current year’s criteria; or to account for observations you made with this assignment last school year, and voil√†! You’re ready to go!