Where do the answers go?

When you open a form – new or otherwise – there are actually two portions to the form. The questions and the responses. Here is an example of a form I have recently created for my passion project which aims to collect high quality test questions based on the Alberta Curricula to share widely with Alberta’s teachers. If you look at the top of my form, you see “questions” and responses”. Right now, we are looking at the questions screen, as it is underlined. To see the responses (there are none yet on this form) we click on the “Responses” link right beside questions.

When your form is brand new, you will have a screen that appears much like this:

No one has filled my form out yet, so the responses area is blank.

If you pay attention, there is a button with the “sheets” icon. Clicking on that will bring up a dialogue box that gives you the option to create a new spreadsheet that will contain the data, OR, you could have the data populate into an existing spreadsheet.

Opting to add it to an existing spreadsheet requires a more advanced user, so if this is your first time using forms, you’ll want it to create a new spreadsheet for you.